Our Products

Our strategy is sourcing metals from remote locations worldwide through our long-term local partners who have presence in those regions or using our strong relationships with local suppliers, and delivering it as raw materials to major industrial consumer markets – be it Europe, North and South America, China, Japan and South-East Asia, Middle East.
We supply for steel mills and foundries, machinery, aerospace, electronics, cemented carbides and tools producers, chemical, pigment and ceramics industries.
Products names are given with their common trade names where applicable.

Noble ores, metals & alloys

Tungsten (W)

— Tungsten ores and concentrates (W ore / conc)

— Tungsten chemicals:

  • Ammonium Paratungstate (APT)
  • Ammonium Metatungstate (AMT)
  • Yellow Tungsten Oxide (YTO)
  • Blue Tungsten Oxide (BTO)

— Semi-finished products:

  • Tungsten Metal Powders (W powders)
  • Tungsten Carbide Powders (WC powders)

— Ferro-Tungsten (FeW)

— Tungsten Metal Bars (W bars)

Molybdenum (Mo)

— Molybdenum Sulphide Concentrates (MoS conc)

— Molybdenum Oxide, Metallurgical Grade / Roasted Molybdenum Concentrates (MoOx)

— Pure Molybdenum Oxide (PMO) / Molybdenum Trioxide, Chemical Grade (MoO3)

— Ferro-Molybdenum (FeMo)

— Molybdenum Metal Bars (Mo bars)

Vanadium (V)

— Vanadium Pentoxide in flakes (V2O5 flakes)

— Ferro-Vanadium (FeV)

Minor metals

Chrome (Cr)

— Chrome ores and concentrates, Metallurgical grade (Cr ore / conc)

— Chrome ores and concentrates, Refractory grade (Refractory Cr ore / conc)

Cobalt (Co)

— Cobalt Oxide (CoO3)

— Cobalt Hydroxide

— Cobalt metal

Tantalum (Ta)

— Tantalite ores and concentrates (Ta ore / conc)

— Tantalum Pentoxide (Ta2O5)

Base Metals & Concentrates

Tin (Sn)

Tin concentrate / Cassiterite (Sn conc)

Tin metal ingots


Tungsten metal and Cemented carbide scrap (hard scrap)

Tungsten-bearing sort scrap

Cobalt-bearing Sludge

WNi, WCo, WMoNi. CoMo roasted spent catalysts