About us

AVAS Trading – Your Bridge to Risk Markets.

In this ever changing and challenging world, it becomes of vital importance to make fair evaluation of your risks and minimize exposure of running your business.

You see threats – we see opportunities.

The world has become global and everyone can buy and sell anything to and from everywhere. In theory, it is true. However, in fact it can be quite different from your expectations.

With credit crunches and financial turmoil at Western markets, bank liquidity crisis and risk of non-performance of your contract party in China, political tensions between Russia and the West, overall instability and high risks of running business in developing countries and some still remote parts of the world, we will bring our experience and knowledge to bridge and secure the business.

Back from ancient ages, trade between counties and regions was the bridge connecting different cultures and religions, parts of the world and continents. 

Using the old knowledge and new technologies, we are here to continue serving connecting the world.

You see risks — we see opportunities.

Though history of AVAS Trading as the company stands for not too long, overall the company staff has solid experience in selling and trading non-ferrous metals.